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Duck Racing!
The Duck Derby and The Duck Cup!

Funny, Fast and Feathery!

Surrey 2017
Weston 1
Racing 020717_6_a
Racing at Clutton
Quickes 110617
Quickes 110617 4
IMG_1097 (Edited)
X121016 22
IMG_1096 (Edited)
X121016 19
racing 1
X121016 13
X121016 20
Quickes 110617 1
racing 3
X121016 11
racing 2

The Duck Racing has proved to be an incredibly popular event as well as utterly ridiculous!  The races can be made bespoke for whatever your event is including countryside shows, weddings, school days etc.  


We perform both flat races and those over the hurdles and we have various different outfits for the ducks!

Proceeds from the betting on the races is split between the charity specified by the event and the charity chosen by Freddie's Farm.  

This year Freddie's Farm are supporting the Ann Conroy Trust who offer support and research into Chiari Malformation.


For more information on displays and corporate work or how to make your event bespoke, please contact us


or follow this link to more information


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