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Additional information, Pricing & Requirements.


For the Sheepdog Show we offer 2 x 30 minute displays with the dogs and ducks parading around an obstacle course to demonstrate the amazing skill of these wonderful dogs.  We have border collies as the traditional breed of working sheepdog in the UK and also our Australian Kelpie, Joe.  We encourage the audience to fully participate in our shows and provide all the children with a sticker for their “help”!  In addition to this we can also setup a static stand for the children to really get up close with some ducklings and learn more about farming in general.

New for 2017

 We are now offering our duck racing, the Duck Derby and the Duck Cup! 


For this activity we perform upto 8 races per day with the public betting on the races for their favourite duck.  Any proceeds from the betting is split between the charity of the event's choice and the charity chosen by Freddie's Farm.  


For the racing we require a static area of 10m x 10m to setup the race track and our static display so that people can meet and greet the ducks and dogs.  We like to place an educational tilt on all our activities to enhance the experience for our audiences.


Our standard price for the Sheepdog Show or the Duck racing individually is £500 per day (plus expenses), however if you wish to add the duck racing as an add-on to the Sheepdog Show our fee would be an additional £400. 

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