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Our Dogs

I don’t dare count how many dogs we now have – we started off with two twenty something years ago and now it seems they have increased in numbers without us realising!     They are quite a handful but we love them all the same (sometimes)!


I would like to think that we provide a good home for our dogs with lots of fun things to do from chasing chickens to playing ball.  We live in such a great place there are always things for them to do, running on the moors, swimming in the sea.  They seem happy and that is the important thing.


We started off with rescue dogs and some how or other things got out of hand! We finally acquired an ISDS border collie bitch and we have never looked back.  

In addition to the collies we also have Joe, our australian kelpie - another type of working sheepdog but completely different to border collies in so many ways! 

We also take dogs in to train as sheepdogs for other people as well as doing sheepdog handler training.  Every dog and every handler are completely different and so training is adapted to each individuals needs.

We run assessment days once or twice a month and although the training is on a 1-2-1 basis we encourage people to watch other lessons.  It is a lot easier to see what is being done right or wrong when you are not in the thick of things!


Our dogs are first and foremost our pets and shepherding dogs but we also perform Sheepdog Shows across the country at shows and events using ducks to illustrate the skill and style of these dogs.  


We also occasionally have puppies or trained dogs available.  We only breed when we want a replacement pup and have all our dogs health checked prior to breeding.  All pups are ISDS registered and microchipped before leaving us at 8 weeks old.

We do still take in rescue dogs to help rehome and retrain them as sheep dogs and some of our most impressive dogs have been delinquent rescues.

Not all of our dogs become sheepdogs.  Some go to agility homes or as active pets.  We are very proud of all our puppies and their new owners.  

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