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Sheepdog Experience

We offer Sheepdog training and experience days. We have dogs of all ages and experience which will often work for anyone as well as having different sheep in different environments.


We tend to start the day with the basics of how to work a dog and understanding the sheep working in a round pen as a controlled environment (which can be done with your own dog) and then progress to a bigger bunch of sheep and then after some lunch we finish with working a big flock of 100+ sheep with a more experienced dog.


Our fee for the day is £100 per person to include lunch and the day normally runs from 10am - 3pm. The training is 1-2-1 but we encourage people to come with a companion or partner  to enhance the experience and take photos of the day.


We would normally book sessions from April until September due to the weather. 


For presents I can send a gift certificate and card with all the contact details.

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