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Lleyn Flock

In 2005 we started our pedigree Lleyn sheep flock.  Lleyns are prolific mothers and the perfect commercial sheep for a woman to manage.   The lambs also show good growth rates and quality carcasses. We now have over 300 pedigree lleyn ewes running with our other mixed batch of sheep.



lleyn 5
lleyn ewe lambs
lleyn 4
lleyn & lambs
Lleyn ram
Lleyn Lambs
Lleyn ewe lambs
Lleyn EL
Lleyn 1

The breed:

Lleyn sheep originate from the Lleyn peninsula in Wales and until recently were a relatively unfamiliar breed of sheep in the UK.

Over the past 10 years the Lleyn breed has caught the eye of many farmers, and now Lleyn sheep can be found almost all over Britain & Ireland. Farmers soon find that the Lleyn is an ideal ewe, quiet in nature, prolific, has great maternal instincts, milky, & will not eat you out of house and home. The Lleyn fits in to many situations and its versatility suits both lowland and upland grazing.

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