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If you have a dream

– go for it!

– Life is too short …

A long, long time ago a young woman, called Freddie, had a dream.  She dreamt that she would have a small farm and rear her own animals for pleasure and also for dinner.  She would grow as many vegetables and fruit as she possibly could need and aim to be self sufficient.  Every one thought that she was mad and indeed she did begin to doubt her own sanity, however the need grew and grew until she could bear it no longer…..


Finally in 2002 that dream started to become a reality.  Julian and Freddie managed to buy a house on the Devon/Somerset border with a few acres of land.  Just enough land to get started with and to learn the ropes!   We are currently living the dream and have expanded our holding both in acres and animals.   Sometimes I wonder when it will stop, but for now things are just fine.

This website is designed to give some hope/advice or just a bit of fun.

Sheepdog herding sheep, Blackdown Hills, Lleyn, Sheepdog Show,

Freddie's Farm  

The Sheepdog Show


Tel: + 44 7890 418133

Kelpie Joe duck herding, dog, Sheepdog Show

In addition to the farm, Freddie also works in the entertainment business providing Sheepdog Shows at demonstrations, educational talks, weddings and corporate entertainment. 

For more information of what is happening in our calendar and up and coming events look at our Facebook page by following this link.

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Duck herding, Sheepdog, Dog, Border Collie, Country shows, entertainment
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